Football Acca Tips: How to Win Often

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Football accumulators are one of the most popular sports betting that many fans happily bet on every week. It is a wager that combines several different football bets into one. The idea is that betting on multiple games can give you better odds of winning than betting on them individually.

Because of its promising gains, many look for football acca tips to create a better accumulator selection. While there can be a lot of factors and strategies that can affect winning and losing on football accumulators, one can still increase their chances of winning.

1.  Research is key

In any kind of sports betting, research is the first and most important step you should take. For football accumulators, looking at league tables, fixtures, and the odds on each game are the foundation of gathering helpful research.

Looking at these statistics can help formulate bets and narrow down a shortlist for the accumulator. For this, it’s best to know the current trends because you can choose good value using this kind of statistics.

While numbers, trends, and odds all help in predicting and mapping out a good acca lineup, there is also the possibility, and danger, of over-analysing games. To avoid this, it’s always best to stick to the facts, which is the key data gathered.

2.  Analyse target fixtures and odds

One useful football acca tip that you can do when looking at target fixtures is to look at the games where the top side is competing with the bottom side; or look at the fixture where one team has the best streak or condition, while the other team has a rough run.

After choosing a target game, you should now analyse the teams’ form and situation. The simplest way to do this is to look at the results and details of the current game. However, results may still not be enough to predict the next outcome, so it’s still best to gather more information on the teams.

One of the many football betting myths say that teams may be tired after playing across the country. This is Always remember to look at previous games and identify the reason for the outcome and if the result is a fair reflection of the game.

3.  Always consider home wins

Statistics says that 48% of football matches are usually home wins. Naturally, teams playing at their home turf are always at a big advantage. By choosing these kinds of teams, this already increases your odds of a winning selection.

However, when focusing on home win options, remember to look for value as well. Try to avoid teams that are priced below 1.5 as it doesn’t really add much value to the accumulator bet. Instead, look for solid teams that are priced from 1.5 to 2.0.

Creating a shortlist of the teams with these specifications can help you better narrow down your choices.

4.  Make use of bet calculators

Bet calculators (aka odds calculators or return calculators) are custom web-based tools that help bettors predict possible outcomes from different bets. These calculators provide useful data and insights on any sporting event.

If you use a betting calculator, you can see the following results:

  • The required amount in your account or wallet to place the bet
  • The amount of the stakes with regards to your bet, and
  • The total profit in case of a win or loss.

All this data will help new and old bettors figure out when to hold on or drop a bet, as well as the opportunity of increasing earnings.

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