Main Players to Follow in 2021 in the Premier League

When people mention football, then the thought of the Premier League is never far behind. Being England’s top football league, it already has massive numbers of followers and fans all around the globe. It holds the most competitive and exciting football games taken part by twenty clubs.
In this league, world-class players display their skills and competitiveness to achieve that one goal, and that is to win the ultimate trophy of the league.
Over the years, the Premier League has produced top caliber professional football players whom fans all over the world have loved and adored. And as the league continues to move forward, it continuously produces exceptional talents. And for the coming 2021 season, people are excited
to see some names play and showcase their football talent and intelligence. As early as now, people are already naming players to watch out for the next year’s season. Here are some main players to follow in the coming Premier League 2021.

● Dominic Calvert-Lewin
This Everton striker is known as a scorer and has given exciting goals for his team. With this season, he emerged as one of the top scorers of the league and is definitely among the names to follow if you are a fan of the Premier League.

● Heung-Min Son
This player from Tottenham has produced goal after goal every time he comes out to play. This is why all eyes are on him whenever his team is playing. He is a contender for getting that Premier League Golden Boot.

● Jamie Vardy
If you are thinking of the Premier League Golden Boot, then this name is definitely one to follow as he is the recipient during 2019-2020 season. He had scored 23 goals, which helped him land the trophy.

● Gabriel Martinelli
Among the youngsters, this player from Arsenal has captured the interest of the fans right away. This young player is ready to show his talent in his forward position.

● Moussa Djenepo
Another rookie whom fans should follow is Moussa Djenepo. He plays excellent football with impressive statistics.

● Bukayo Saka
Another youngster from Arsenal is Bukayo Saka. This player promises exciting games as he is known as an assist man. He will create plays and goals for his teammates.

● Alisson Becker
With the goalkeepers, this young player has definitely achieved the highest seat.

● Mohamed Salah
This popular player of the Liverpool is a known finisher. He keeps up with the plays so he can finish up strong for the goal. He is among the most exciting players to watch this season.

● Kevin De Bruyne
This player from Manchester is a scorer. He can score from the inside or outside. With impressive talent, he is one of the show stoppers of the league this coming season.

These are just a few of top names to look forward to seeing in the coming season of the Premier League. Aside from the players mentioned, there will always be some who emerge to be good as well in their positions and can give the fans the thrills they want to see in the games. There are also players who have improved and can make a name this season.

The incoming 2020-2021 Premier League season promises more thrills as more good young players are coming in. With this, the fans just cannot hide their excitement. The mix of the young, new and veteran players will maintain the excitement in this league despite the pandemic.

The fans will still enjoy high quality and competitive football not on gamstop games from classy professional players. With or without the pandemic, people can expect the intense football games they have always loved from the top caliber pro players of their respective teams.

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