The Rising Stars of US Soccer

When people think of the United States of America and football, they immediately think American football. It’s only natural considering..

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Betting on Football from Your Smartphone

There’s little doubt that the world of sports betting has grown as the advancements in technology have grown. This is so much the case,..

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Greatest sporting achievements to date

Sports is known for leaving spectators breathless with spectacular moments that will go down in history.  Horse racing is one of the..

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The five strangest Premier League signings of all time

There’s no doubting that the Premier League is big business. Whether it be from the clubs who spend millions upon millions of pounds on..

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Spain looking more and more like shrewd World Cup pick

It’s 23rd June 2014 at the Arena de Baixada, Curitiba, Brazil. Juan Mata has just put the finishing touch on a 3-0 win for Spain over..

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The Three Lions to lift the trophy this year?

England go into every big tournament as favourites to win as their media and the pundits always get over excited and it usually gets to the..

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What Next!? Some Of The Strangest Post-Football Careers

Chris Lincoln looks at some of the more unusual careers players take after hanging up their boots...

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The World’s Worst International Teams

Steve Cumber takes a closer look at the national football teams at the bottom of the FIFA world rankings...

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Mainz Fans Gives Bundesliga Side Team-Talk On The Pitch

Would this ever happen in England?

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Chinese Footballer Is Rubbish Because Of Affair, Says Wife


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