What Next!? Some Of The Strangest Post-Football Careers

Chris Lincoln looks at some of the more unusual careers players take after hanging up their boots...

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The World’s Worst International Teams

Steve Cumber takes a closer look at the national football teams at the bottom of the FIFA world rankings...

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Mainz Fans Gives Bundesliga Side Team-Talk On The Pitch

Would this ever happen in England?

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Chinese Footballer Is Rubbish Because Of Affair, Says Wife


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A Nod To The Beautiful Art Of Diving Heading

Barney Stephenson says a key aspect of the game doesn't get the recognition it truly deserves...

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España ’82 – The Best World Cup In History?

John Lyons takes a look back to España '82 - and claims there has never been a better World Cup...

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Cheeky Bolivian Yoot Massively Takes The Piss With Backheel Goal

Sebastian Melgar. Remember the name.

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Nigerian Guy Scores Magnificent Volley

Nigerian Premier League: home to majestic goals and brilliantly creative team names.

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Which sport is better for betting?

Which sport is better to make a bet on? This question bothers the majority of novice players. So lets talk about it. Yes, you can make a..

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Five Of The Biggest Derbies In World Football

The world of football is home to some great rivalries, so we've had a go at listing five of the best...

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