When Metro Redux Launched on Nintendo Switch

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In a much-welcomed move for Nintendo die-hards, the 4A Games finally released its most revered Metro Redux duo on the Nintendo Switch platform on February 28th. Nintendo Switch owners can now enjoy the exhilarating world of Metro Redux in two of the most exceptional titles in the series: Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. These games were initially released in 2010 and 2013 respectively, and before coming to Nintendo, they were only available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox, Play Station, OS X, Linux, and SteamOS.

For sure, the gaming world is evolving, and more players want to have access to their favorite titles on the go and not just on consoles. It seems like video game developers are borrowing a leaf from online casino developers given that virtually their titles come optimized for mobile casino gaming. This mobile compatibility cuts across all types of casino games,  including the live casino variants, such as those available in the  Live Casino Vulkan Vegas platform. Either way, how do these decade-old Metro Redux titles compare to modern-day post-apocalyptic video games on Xbox One and PS4? Will Nintendo Switch players like them? Let’s take a closer look at the titles.

Attention to Detail

If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance that you’ve come across loads of video games established within areas reduced to rubble either by ecological disasters or nuclear war. Well, on the face of it, Metro may perhaps seem too analogous to first-person video games like Fallout. However, Metro catches the eye with its attention to detail.

The game allows you to have access to numerous mechanisms such as keeping an eye on your gas mask in irradiated regions. You’re also compelled to work together with several groups including the Nazi-enthused Fourth Reich, the communist Reds, as well as the elite and defending Rangers. That aside, there is one thing that makes the Metro series stand out though. This is the focus it puts on the inexplicable Dark ones. Metro Redux lets you delve into this world by playing through Metro and Metro 2033.

Gaming Options

Metro 2033, the first game in the Metro series, is considered the most interactive. Even before you start playing, you’ll come across two choices: you have the option to play using the Last Light inspired Spartan Ranger mode or play the initial Survival mode. By going for the Survival mode, you’ll have the chance to enjoy Metro 2033 from a more tactical angle as you have to preserve ammunition and keep track of your gas mask filter.

On the other hand, Ranger mode offers you a speedier gameplay session and feels less lenient than the Survival mode. Therefore, in case you’re well familiar with the series, you might consider raising the difficulty level to make it more challenging.

Lighting and Graphical Interface

One of the reasons why Metro 2033 appears more straightforward between the two titles is that the game’s lighting and visuals have been updated. As such, it’s much easier to single out enemies in the dark. On top of that, the selection wheel of Metro Last Light has replaced the primary 2033 fickle technique of swapping over weaponry.

However, Metro 2033 still has one big concern: the game will heave massive amounts of foes in your face, instead of getting new fascinating means to level up the difficulty. It’s no wonder why most players insist that Last Light is a less annoying way to play Metro 2033. 

Metro: Last Night doesn’t feel too different when you compare it to the game’s original version. Nonetheless, it received a fitting update on its visuals and graphics. Despite not being as visible on the Switch as it is with Xbox One or PS4, you can still note the subtle differences. Last Light is a more complicated video game compared to its forerunner. More focus is put on the connections between survivors and plenty of time used looking into the surface of Moscow. Sneaking around the surroundings seems more useful than in Metro 2033.

Downloadable Content

The biggest positive of having the Redux edition of Last Light is that you can access all its DLC. Thankfully, the new Nintendo Switch versions come with all the downloadable content ever released with the titles. You can thus assume the roles of Khan, Pavel, and Anna in your levels and also enjoy the stimulating Tower Pack challenge that puts you through a wave-base shooter.

Parting Shot

All things considered, both games are fresh and engaging and compared to what’s available today, Nintendo Switch players who have never played the game before will have a blast. If you are a fan of mission games that come with a post-apocalyptic thrill, then you’ll spend hours glued to your screen, enjoying this remarkable Metro Redux collection.

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