Which Teams Top The All-Time European Cup Rankings?

The UEFA Champions
, which is also known as the European Cup, operates as an annual competition,
organised by the Union of European Football Associations. Top-division European
clubs compete in the event, and it is known as one of the most prestigious
football tournaments around, especially in Europe itself.

The competition became an entity in 1955, starting out under
the title of the European Champion Clubs’ Cup, and it existed as a straightforward
knockout tournament. At that time, it was only open to the champion club of
each national championship. Since that time, it has grown, transformed and
become a completely different entity, and it has crafted some of the most
renowned football teams around the world. So, which exactly are the top-ranking
teams of all-time in the European Cup?

In total, 22 teams have won the competition since its
inception, with 12 of them winning it more than once. Spain’s Real Madrid stand
atop the rankings, having claimed 600 points in total and 13 titles from the 50
times the team has competed. This includes the first five seasons that it
participated in the competition.

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Additional Top-Ranking Teams in the UEFA Champions League

While Real Madrid’s 13 title wins are highly unmatched at
the moment, Bayern Munich rank second in the Champions League, with 5 titles from
its 36 times participating. Another Spanish team in Barcelona follows behind
them in third, also having scored itself five victories from 30 times

Manchester United rank 4th, having garnered 3
Champions League wins and amassing 374 points, while Italy’s Juventus fall into
fifth position on the ranking board with 2 victories.

At the bottom of the ranking in 30th position is
GNK Dinamo of Croatia, which is a new entry in recent times to the top 30.
Meanwhile, Paria Saint-Germain ranks just above the Croatian team, having never
won it but participated 13 times over. Oddly enough, the French team has seen
player Gianluigi Buffon participate in 131 appearances as goalkeeper (for
Parma, Juventus and Paris itself), but he’s never been a part of a winning team
in the Champions League. He
left Paris Saint-German in July 2019
and returned to Juventus.

Perhaps even more startling though, is that Dynamo Kiev (which
currently ranks in 11th position overall) is the highest-ranked to
have never won the European Cup or even reach the finals of the competition.

Making up the remaining top 10 positions of the UEFA
Champions League are AC Milan in 6th, Liverpool in 7th,
Benfica in 8th, Porto in 9th and Ajax in 10th.

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