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The ultimate traders

KIERON O’CONNOR of takes a detailed look at the amazing success delivered by FC Porto with finances that many […]

Power of Scotland

To many Scottish football has become a joke – a two-horse race to be sneered at; a parochial competition long […]

Savaging Robbie

RANTSGareth Roberts WHAT’S the point in Robbie Savage? What’s he famous for? What’s he ever done remotely worthwhile? He curled […]

Cutting it fine

Groundsman, fundraiser, driver, cleaner…there’s more to life to managing a grassroots football team than meets the eye, as AIDAN TOWNSEND […]

The mighty Quinn

Mick Quinn was an old-school footballer. He had a drink, a bet and chased women – a character anyone who’s […]

The number’s up

Football’s big money, and so are statistics. Matthew Bretherton asks where the obsession came from – and how do we […]

Footy Art

ABOUT THE ARTIST .. .Name: Dan Leydon  From: Sligo, Ireland  Supports: Liverpool  He says: I have been designing as a […]

Not so super Mario?

SUHAIL SEEDAT wonders whether we are too quick to condemn modern day footballers, seeing them as overpaid spoilt brats rather […]

Welcome to Late Tackle

SO what is Late Tackle? Well perhaps it’s easier to explain what Late Tackle is by explaining what it isn’t.It […]

Reid it and weep

It must be great to get to know the manager of your team, right? MARTYN McFADDEN of Sunderland fanzine A […]

Where’s the talking?

What better way to escape clique-ridden top-level football than a spot of Sunday League? Surely the grass-roots game can’t have […]

Crisis, what crisis?

RORY SMITH, of the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, on how Italian football is going on the attack RAVAGED by corruption, […]

Like father like son

A football team doesn’t have to be successful to forge an unbreakable family bond, something Millwall fan MERV PAYNE knows […]

Same as it Ever was

Crisis time at Everton or the same as it ever was in recent times? The Guardian’s Merseyside football correspondent Andy […]

Bring back the tackle

JOHN NICHOLSON Football has changed. Sometimes we don’t realise just how much it has changed. We get used to the […]