Europe’s most popular and valuable football leagues

Europe could probably be described as the capital of the football world. It’s in European countries that you find the most powerful, wealthy and internationally popular clubs and leagues. Not only is it home to billion dollar teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus FC, it also has some of the most valuable football leagues in the world.

of these include:

The English Premier League – England.

the EPL is probably the world’s most watched and popular league. It’s also one
of the most wealthiest. This league and it’s 20 teams brought in over 6.5
billion euros between 2017 and 2018. What’s even more impressive is that this
league is beloved all around the world, even in places where you would expect
there to be a culture barrier. Not only that, they are bigger than the French,
Brazilian and Chinese leagues combined, which is extremely impressive for a
small country like England.

La Liga – Spain.

to ultra-popular teams like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, La Liga is easily the
most popular league on continental Europe and perhaps in the world. What’s
more, it’s also one of the most entertaining and newsworthy teams. It also has
the sixth highest average attendance of any domestic professional sports league
in the world and the third highest of any professional football league in the
world. In addition to this it manages to bring in over a billion euros in
revenue per season.

Allsvenskan – Sweden.

in 1924, this is by far the best and most popular league in the Scandinavian
area. While it’s not nearly as rich or famous as some of the others leagues in
this article, it’s matches are consistently exciting and fans are loyal. What’s
also truly special about this league is that they have been running for an
unbroken streak of 94 seasons. The main reason for this is because this league
did not have to halt play during World War II, due to Swedish neutrality. Find
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on allsvenskan


Serie A – Italy.

league has existed since 1898 and currently consists of 18 teams. Lead by the
mighty Juventus Serie A continues to remain popular all around the world. One
of the reasons is because it’s had its fair share of stars over the years, the
latest being Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, 42 of the greatest football players in
the world have played in Serie A. That being said, this league has also had its
fair share of problems over the years including corruption, racism, hooligans
and also serious financial issues.

Ligue 1 – France.

1 as it is also known is Frances premier football league. Made up of 20 teams
including the Paris Saint-Germain FC. This league also has a team from Monaco,
which makes it one of the only cross border leagues in Europe. One of the
reasons why this league is so powerful is because many of its teams are
currently backed by middle eastern investors. The most notable example being Paris
Saint-Germain which is funded by the Qatari investment group.

league has also seen increased revenues from TV contracts in the last decade.
Plus its proximity to places like London and Manchester is a major benefit.

Bundesliga – Germany.

German football league is equally as popular as the EPL and its Southern
cousins. The
  also one of the top national leagues and is
ranked third overall in Europe. In fact, it’s one of the most popular leagues
worldwide. This league has the highest average stadium attendance of all
European leagues and around 13 million people attend it’s matches. It also
manages to generate around 4 billion euros per season. what’s more, it’s games
are broadcast to over 200 countries, generating further revenue.

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