Which sport is better for betting?

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Which sport is better to make a bet on? This question bothers the majority of novice players. So lets talk about it.

Yes, you can make a bet on anything, a lot depends on the objectives and priorities, if you make bets for making a profit, you should make a bet on the event you know a lot about. But if you want to maximize a pleasure from the game, then of course your should make a bet on a favorite sport events.

In my experience was both variants, began to bet on football, simply because I was possessed of with it, and later fell in love with hockey, in particular in the NHL and started to make bets on the National Hockey League for the pleasure. I never liked Tennis, but immediately realized that this is the most favorable place for a making money and began to analyze solely for the purpose of enrichment. In tennis you have only two outcomes, only two players – it is easier than you can imagine.

Then the following happened – my love to hockey become a little less, because the yield from it was lower, and from tennis on the contrary my earnings was much better, so my main profit I got from tennis.

For beginners, I recommend tennis – it is more simple and straightforward, less unpredictable elements, but do not forget about the presence of injuries and possible failures, I’ve lose money couple of times because of injuries of the player, you need constantly monitor the states of the players.

There is also unpopular sports among most of the gamblers, which, according to some professional bettors you can earn good money, because bookmakers pay less time and attention to the unpopular types of sports betting, respectively, the player has the opportunity to be more aware. Here is some examples of unpopular sports for making bets – water polo, rugby, table tennis (pong) and other similar, but you need certainly  become ace and know all the nuances of the game, because less popular games has less info in the web about the teams and players.

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