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The homogenisation of the online betting industry has been a blessing for sports fans for one simple reason: opportunities. Whenever there’s a coming together of one or more entities, the end result is often a better service for consumers. When it comes sports betting, the recent connections with casino gaming have had a positive impact on the industry for operators and consumers alike. From a business perspective, the decision by operators to merge their assets has resulted in the development of new technology and services. The knock-on effect of these innovations has not only been more ways for consumers to bet but enhance their overall experience.

Perhaps the biggest benefit casino sites have brought to the sports betting sector is cross-pollination. What we mean by this is that customers now get access to crossover bets and promotions. The obvious example of this is welcome bonuses. Because operators now offer a variety of betting options via a single site, your first deposit is often augmented by a combination of casino credits and free sports bets. For instance, you can try your luck in online casinos here and you’ll instantly receive a bonus if you’re a new customer. Whether it’s an £88 no deposit bonus at 888 or £300 with William Hill, there’s extra cash available which you can then use to bet on casino games and sport.

More Information, More Engagement and Better Results


Beyond the increase in bonus and betting options, the fusion between casino and sports betting has allowed operators to offer more onsite features. Go to a multifaceted operator like William Hill and you’ll not only see casino games and sporting odds, but blogs and statistics. From a fan’s perspective, having access to daily news updates, expert insights and numerical data is fantastic. Anytime you can get a better insight into a football team or a boxer, the greater connection you’ll have with an event. For example, when Conor McGregor took on Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match, it was useful to know that he had a 48% success rate when it comes to striking in MMA. As well as creating more engagement with a sport, these insights are fantastic for punters.

Getting a pro’s perspective on an event and then comparing that a selection of stats is the best way to improve your picks. Knowing which individual/team is in form, where someone’s weaknesses are and what an event means in context is crucial for a sports bettor. In fact, without this information, betting is basically guesswork. Thanks to the evolution of the online betting industry, getting this sort of information is now easier than ever as you can move from casino games to sports previews in seconds.

Crossover Skills Pay the Bills

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The final benefit online betting technology offers is personal growth. To put it another way, there are skills you can develop in the casino world that you can then put to good use in the sporting arena. The most obvious example is managing your money. Learning how much to stake based on the size of your bankroll is a key skill in casino gaming and something that’s equally important in sports betting. Beyond this, learning to spot value is hugely important. In blackjack, the dealer is considered weak if they’re showing a 4. When this is the case, you’re in a strong position and can, therefore, stand on weak totals such as 12 in the hope the dealer goes bust. This sort of logical thinking can also be used in sports betting. For example, if you see that Lionel Messi has been having a tough time in his personal life recently (i.e. via social media), you could say that he’s in a weak position and likely to underperform on the pitch.

Without this knowledge, you’d probably back him to score or be man of the match. Similarly, if you didn’t know the dealer is considered weak when they’re showing a 4, you’d naturally assume they are the favourite in the hand (which is typically the case) and take more risks than you need to. Basically, what casinos games teach you to do is think about every dynamic in order to come up with a move that has the best expected value. Thanks to the connections between casino gaming and sports betting, it’s easier than ever to connect these skills and, in theory, improve your results in both areas. Overall, the homogenisation of the online betting industry has been positive for players on both sides of the spectrum. For fans of sport wanting more entertainment, more engagement and more opportunities, the industry’s evolution has certainly been a positive.

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