Billy Whitehurst: Hardest man in history

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A Few Words About Billy

In 1980 Billy Whitehurst, born 10 june 1959, started his professional career for Hull City club. In 1985 Billy Whitehurst joined Newcastle United where his career didn’t work out as expected and failed to score for his first 11 games in the team.

After playing only 28 games in the league for Newcastle, Billy Whitehurst got transferred due to a dispute with his own supporters. He got transferred in 1986 to Oxford United where his stay was shortened due to another incident, this time with Ray Graydon the assistant manager. After these 2 clubs,

Billy Whitehurst started a “club run” playing for 7 different clubs until 1992 when his professional career ended while playing for Doncaster Rovers and as a loan for Crewe Alexandra. Billy Whitehurst started his career abroad playing for another 10 different teams and retired after getting a knee injury in 1993.

Billy Whitehurst the Legend

Billy Whitehurst’s career is known in the football history as one of the toughest that ever existed. He had many injuries and gotten into many disputes that made him very popular.

The most notorious episode he had been involved in, is recalled by the star himself as Billy Whitehurst remembers like it happened yesterday. He was playing for Oxford at that time when he entered a pub for a drink. Inside he started arguing with “this kid”. His opponent was joined by other two guys, but that didn’t stop Billy to put his thumb in his eye and smash the kid’s head against the wall. This situation escalated very quickly one of the other guys, who pulled a telescopic bar and smashed Billy’s Whitehurst’s nose with it. The third guy also hit Billy on the other side and then the telescopic bar hit him again in the cheek. This last hit made a hole through Billy’s cheek close to the side of his nose. It took 30 stiches to fix the wound at the back of his head and his nose was hanging off right after the fight got over but got stitched back on.

Playing with A Facial Injury

Billy Whitehurst play in this fight just 10 days before the game was absolutely bad news for him. During these 10 days he had done some training but didn’t expect to actually play due to football regulation. Even though he had serious injuries, manager Maurice Evans asked him if he wanted to play. The answer was short: “no problem Morris”, Billy considering that stitches aren’t a big deal. Like trying to do an odds comparison between a pro cyclist and Valentino Rossi.

So he entered the field where he was actually expecting to get kicked in the face, a thing that happened 10 minutes before break when Billy Whitehurst and the keeper Steve Sutton from Nottingham Forest went for a header. The result was that he had to have all the stitches removed and the doctor actually replaced them with staples, Billy Whitehurst considering that they were much better than the stitches.

When the 2nd half started Billy Whitehurst jogged to the half line and started playing as if nothing had happened even if he had multiple stitches and a hole in his cheek trough witch you could see in his mouth.  ”I looked like Frankenstein’s monster. I played the whole game”.

Billy Whitehurst is unhappy with the fact that his stories about him got in to Alan Hansen’s autobiography and he was supposed to get one book when it would be done but this never happened.

One of the things that makes Billy Whitehurst proud is that one day when he was playing for Newcastle against Manchester United, Bobby Carlton (his parents favorite) declared for journalists that he came to see Peter Beardsley and Paul Gascoigne but the best player in the field was by far Billy Whitehurst.


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