The Media Won’t Leave Raheem Sterling Alone

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The English football media is a volatile beast. For every exclusive exposé detailed extensively in the back pages, there’s a crass story about a youth team player being caught smoking outside Liquid splashed across the front. We’ve got no idea if the press will churn out gold or garbage.

Unfortunately, in the clickbait age of 2017, there always seems to be more fluff than filler. Especially when it comes to footballers, in particular Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling.

The tabloid media seem to have a problem with Sterling, a) being young; b) being an extremely well-paid footballer; and c) spending his considerable wealth in the manner of a young, well-paid footballer.

Reddit user bloomytue has collected every piece of judgemental, clap-trap bollocks written about Sterling and his spending habits since he joined Manchester City in summer 2015, and it makes for bitter, intrusive and slightly depressing reading.

Want to read about Sterling’s dirty Mercedes? The Daily Star have got you covered!

Sterling buys a car? OUTRAGE. Luckily The Daily Mail have bagged the inside scoop!

Sterling has THE GODDAMN NERVE to fly back from holiday with EasyJet, therefore saving money in the same way the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE does??? SHAME, AND A POX ON HIS NAME. Well done those inquisitive truthers at The Mail, again. Gold stars all round.

Sterling spends HIS OWN MONEY on a piano?? And not only does he buy a piano, he also wants to PLAY the bloody thing, so HIRES A PIANO TEACHER?? WIND YOUR NECK IN, RAHEEM.

This from The Sun is particularly hilarious, in that nauseating, insufferable, actually-not-that-funny-and-more-a-sad-indication-of-our-baseless-narcissistic-society, sort of way:

Note: “Sun Reporter” = clever way of not having to put your name to a flaming turdbag of an article.

These are just the tip of the massive, shitty iceberg (we haven’t even got to Poundland-gate yet). You can see all the ‘articles’ collated by bloomytue here.

Just think about it: has Sterling done anything in particular to anger the tabloid press? Apart from being black, young and successful. And buying pianos. I mean, the bloody cheek of it.

We’ll leave it to another reddit user to speak the truth on this one:

Nail on head, NotClayMerritt. Nail. On. Head.

(Credit reddit/r/soccer)

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