Arsenal Fan Twattery Goes Airborne

By Edd Paul – @Edd93Paul

Arsenal fans took to the skies earlier today in another attempt to solidify their well-earned status as Just The Worst.

All week we’ve heard talk of disgruntled Gooners telling manager Arsene Wenger to hurry up and piss off via a banner hung from a plane during today’s clash against West Brom, and lo and behold:

However, as it turns out Arsenal’s fan-base is very much divided on the Wenger issue, leading to the plane doing another flyover with a new pro-Arsene message.

Hilarious and pathetic in equal measure, and further proof the whole club has a strain of self-defeating tragedy coursing through not only its players but its fans as well. Classic Arsenal.

But don’t fret, Arsenal fans! Maybe social media didn’t notice your plane wankery and it all passed by without further embarassment!

Oh. Well, at least the game wasn’t too bad…?

Plane awful.

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